My First Blog!!

As a first time Blogger I am not sure what catches people’s attention or interest, so I guess I will chat about my shop ,my art work and the wonderful designers and makers that I showcase here in Gallery Crafts.


The year so far….well its starts with stocktaking which is no fun, Dee who works here usually takes her holiday’s at this time but didn’t escape this year!!!! We then decided to close for a few days and get painters in…this was crazy, we didn’t realize the amount of moving or indeed the weight of the units!


January/February takes me to trade show both here and abroad. The first of which was a CHRISTMAS show. I spent 4 days in Frankfurt at a Christmas World, surrounded by Santa’s, elves, sparkle & glitter. One week after putting my own tree in the attic I am shopping for Christmas. This probably causes serious damage to my sanity!!! Although from the shop point of view everything is still fresh.

CHRISTMAS TRENDS ( in my humble opinion!) include woodland animals, Deers ,Wolves etc. Photographic images on decorations is also strong . Hints of vintage are still on trend and I spotted fabulous Antique style plates that can be hung on the wall. Seriously cool Cheetah printed tree Baubles also sparked interest and will be here for Christmas.

1656381_595141843899992_875967311_n 1904148_595141717233338_1990204118_n (1)

Everything that glistens or sparkles will ultimately be part of any Christmas story…….after all its only 317 shopping days to Christmas!!!!

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