Fiona is originally from Seaforde a village close to the Mourne Mountains in Co. Down (Northern Ireland).


After obtaining an honours degree in textile design, interior/fashion from NUU in Belfast Fiona travelled Kilworth Co. Cork to do a year long course in ‘setting up your Craft business’ and during that a wonderful year Fiona met Noel and so another journey began.  Noel and Fiona have two daughters Shauna 21 and Breffini 18 and a dog Max.

Over the years Fiona worked at many things including teaching night classes in Art, subbing as a secondary teacher, had a fashion boutique, but all the time Fiona kept painting, selling her work through exhibitions, craft fairs and from leading craft shops.In 2000 fiona opened gallery crafts.

This was an accumulation of many experiences in the Retail and Wholesale business.  The shop thankfully took tentative steps over the past 11 years and has become a destination store where customers come from near and far confident in the quality and service they will get.

Through her art Fiona has had wonderful experiences including working on a project with Seaworld in Florida, she also has had the pleasure of working with the kilkenny group where she joins Marion O’Gorman and her team during buying trips etc. this work opens up many opportunities and shared experiences benefit all.

Fiona loves to travel and is influenced by other cultures and continues to be inspired by everyday things. Thankfully living in Ireland provides lots of inspiration for her paintings.

“I love to draw and paint, it’s when i am most relaxed… I love when someones buys a piece and enjoys it… It simply doesn’t get better than that.”


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